hydraulic check valve

Hydraulic Check Valve

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Allows hydraulic fluid to flow in one direct. Perfect for refilling hydraulic fluid.

SKU: CC102

Crown's Hydraulic Check Valves are used to allow hydraulic fluid to flow in one direction into the hydraulic system. All Crown check valves are built and assembled in the US, so you can be assured of this check valves durability and dependability. Each Crown pressure, torque or weight indicator system has a check valve built into the system to facility adding hydraulic fluid, when a system needs to be topped off or recharged. Prevent fluid loss and hydraulic fluid leaks by using these hydraulic check valves. And, whether you need to replace a hydraulic check valve or have a few spares on hand, buy them here and have them when you need them. All items in the online store ship the next business day, so when you need it, we'll get it to you quickly. 

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