Pressure Sensors

Pressure Sensors and Diaphragm Protectorsgauge protector and piston isolator

Crown Oilfield Instrumentation offers a complete line of pressure sensors and diaphragm protectors. Also known as gauge savers or gauge protectors, our diaphragm protectors safeguard remote mounted recorders or gauges from oilfield fluids and debris that could interfere with the pressure system. Our protectors use a rubber diaphragm to separate the fluids from the remote mounted gauge and are easy to maintenance in the field, avoiding costly down time.  Each pressure sensor is fitted with a rubber cup diaphragm, that keeps harsh drilling fluids from sensitive gauge internals. We offer a variety of sizes of sensors and protectors that will withstand the harshest oilfield conditions.

Gauge Protector

Crown CD106 Gauge ProtectorCrown’s gauge protectors (CD106) (the smaller protector seen in the image on the right) is an integral part of any pressure system. Designed to protect the working parts of a pressure gauge from harsh drilling fluids, Crown gauge protectors are durable and dependable in the harshest drilling instances. Two kinds of rubber cups are available for our gauge savers: a CD200 and CD200-1 Viton cup, rated for H2S service. Easy to maintain in the field, these pressure sensors will provide you with years of dependable service.


1:1 Piston Separator1:1 Piston Separator CD136

Crown’s 1:1 Piston Separator pressure sensor (CD136) offers the same protection as the CD106, but have a 1:1 piston that transmit pressure to the gauge.  Because this pressure sensor is built with the sturdiest material, it will provide years of service, even in the toughest conditions.



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