Clear Instrument Fluid for Hydraulic Instrumentation

Clear Instrument Fluid Gallon

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Used inside Crown gauges and weight indicators, our clear instrumentation fluid dampens pointer fluctuations and lubricates gauge inter parts. Available in gallon and quart sizes.


Clear instrument fluid helps to protect gauges from harsh oilfield conditions.  Pulsations, vibrations, and heat can harm any gauge, but a liquid-filled gauge will weather the worst conditions in the field.  Although the internal parts of a gauge are prone to damage from vibrations, Crown’s clear instrumentation fluid will protect our gauges from rig vibrations.   There will also be less moisture build up that can harm the gauge’s movement because the fluid resists water and condensation.  By protecting gauges from heat, vibrations, moisture, and pulsations, your gauges will work harder and last longer. Clear instrument fluid protects gauges, because when the pressure’s on, Crown gauges measure up.

Clear Instrument Fluid for Filling 6