CPS101-2 One Pump Stroke Counter Barrel Counter

CPS101-2 One Pump Stroke Counter

CPS101-2 One Pump Stroke Counter  comes complete with counter, cable, junction box, and one limit switch assembly. 

SKU: CPS101-2

CPS101-2 One Pump Digital Stroke Counter

Crown's One Pump Stroke Counter System monitors and displays strokes per minute and total stokes and has everything you need to monitor one mud pump. Encased in a stainless steel box, the LCD screens are easy to view at a distance, and with buttons mounted on the face place, this system is easy to reset as needed. With a low power, low voltage lithium battery, this system is self-contained and intrinsically safe, with a operational life of 5 years. The Crown One Pump Stroke Counter system is designed to work in the harshest industry conditions and is waterproof and resistant to excessive rig vibrations. With everything ready-to-use right out of the box, this system will get you counting mud pump flow rate quickly and efficiently. Here's what you'll get in the one pump stroke counter system:

  • 1 Pump Stainless Steel CPS-3 Digital Stroke Counter 

  • Limit Switch with C-Clam Assembly
  • 125 Ft. of Cable

Made in the US, the Crown One Pump Stroke Counter system is powered by a 3.6 Type D lithium battery, with no external power supply needed. Because it is a self-contained system, the CPS101-2 is intrinsically safe. When the system is not in use it will go into a null state, saving battery power and the life of the LCD screens. Each Screen displays either strokes per minute (0-240 SPM) or total strokes (0-9999).

Crown's limit switch assembly can be mounted near the mud pump piston with the easy-to-use c-clamp. The stainless steel rod can be bent to reach the piston easily,  making the CPS101-2 one pump stroke counter system mountable in optimal proximity to the pump piston. The cable connecting the limit switch assembly to the stroke counter is made of the most durable materials to give you the best possible stroke counter on the market. 

Need more information about our stroke counter systems? Check out our Stroke Counter Page or our Blog. And, if you only need one of the components in this system, give us a call. We're more than happy to get you exactly what you need. 

A Note About Shipping This Product

This product contains lithium batteries and is classed UN3091, lithium batteries contained in equipment. It can only be shipped via ground in the US. If you would like to purchase a system outside the US, please contact us directly to arrange transport.  For international customers, if you'd like to ship this product without a lithium battery to save on shipping costs, we can provide you with the information needed to purchase the required battery and detailed instructions on how to install the battery. Just give us a call at 1-877-908-3790 or email sales@drillinginstruments.com, and we'll set that up for you. 

CPS101-2 One Pump Digital Stroke Counter
  • CPS101-2 One Pump Digital Stroke Counter

    One Pump Stroke Counter Counts Strokes Per Minute and Total Strokes

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