Diaphragm Protector Retaining Nut CN101

Diaphragm Protector Retaining Nut CN101

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Replacment retainer nut for diaphragm protector (CD106)

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An essential part to our diaphragm protector (CD106) is the CN101 Retaining Nut.  The retaining nut holds the diaphragm cup in place, providing support and ensuring accurate fluid pressure readings.  During ordinary oilfield drilling operations, the diaphragm protector retaining nut can be damaged or can wear.  Threads can get stripped, nicks can form in the unit, or can be damaged if installed incorrectly.  Regular inspections of the diaphragm protector will ensure that the retaining nut will be replaced once worn.

Nut Retainer for Gauge Protector CN101