Drilling Instrument Fittings & Hardware

Drilling Instrument Fittings & Hardware

All Crown instrumentation systems use drilling instruments fittings and hardware made with only the highest quality materials. Whether you need quick disconnects, check valves, or retainer nuts, Crown has the right drilling rig fittings/hardware for your hydraulic drilling instruments. Our fittings work great with Crown pressure, torque and weight indicator systems and also with most major instrumentation brands because they are made to industry standard specifications. All fittings and hardware ships quickly, so when you need it, we'll get to you fast. 

  • CB100 Bracket for 6" Box Mount Gauge

  • CN101 Diaphragm Protector Retaining Nut

  • CC102 Hydraulic Check Valve

  • CJ105 Junction 1/4x1x1/4

  • CJ105-3 Junction Cross 4:1 Debooster

  • CJ100-1 Junction Tee

  • CD306/7 Male & Female Disconnect

  • CJ100 Stainless Steel Hex Elbow

  • CW109 Retainer Nut Wrench