UMG Replacement Cup 288-1

CD288-1 Unitized Mud Gauge Rubber Cup

SKU: CD288-1

Unitized Mud Gauge Rubber Cup CD288-1

Crown UMGs are durable, reliable and dependable, and offer a lifetime of accurate readings. Our standpipe pressure gauges are made in the US, and offer you an all-in-one pressure management solution that is easy to read, which can be read up to 60 ft. away.  Crown UMGs come complete with a sturdy unitized mud gauge diaphragm cup (CD288-1), but with regular wear, it will need to be replaced.  When you are ready to replace the rubber cup, it's a simple matter of removing the retainer nut and putting in a new CD288-1.

The best time to check the UMG rubber cup is when you are performing regular maintenance on the gauge. If the unitized mud gauge rubber cup wears, tears, or gets nicked, it's time to replace it.  During regular maintenance, any problems with the rubber cup can be found, and it's always a good idea to have an extra rubber cup on hand, just in case.  If you are unsure of what you need to replace your UMG rubber cup, our blogs has all the tricks, tips, and instructions  in a quick and easy-to-understand videos. In our online store, we have everything you need to get your UMG up and running again, and we have plenty unitized mud gauge diaphragm cups on hand to ship them to you quickly.  Don't wait until you have to have one; stock up today and keep a spare on hand. 

Crown's Engauge Resources offers a complete library of tips, tricks, and how-tos to keep you turning right. So when the pressure's on, make sure to be up-to-date on gauge and hydraulic pressure sensor maintenance. 

Cd288-1 Unitized Mud Gauge Rubber CUp
  • Cd288-1 Unitized Mud Gauge Rubber CUp

    Replacement Rubber Cup for Hammer Union and Flange Standpipe Mud Gauge

  • CF111 Series Flange Mud Gauge Uses CD288-1

    CF111 Series Flange Mud Gauge Uses CD288-1 Rubber Cup

  • CUMG1 Series Mud Gauge Uses Cd288-1 Rubber Cup Diaphragm