Oilfield Rubber Cup Diaphragm

Rubber Cup Diaphragm For Gauge Protector

The CD200 Rubber Cup Diaphragm protects mud gauges from drilling fluid damage.

SKU: CD200

Crown diaphragm cups (CD200) transmit pressure to the gauge, and they help protect hydraulic gauges from drilling fluids, mud or cement. Housed in a CD106, can provide a lifetime of service, but when necessary a diaphragm cup can be easily replaced in the field. When diaphragm cups (sometimes called a bladder) wear or blow, drilling fluids can enter the gauge and possibly harm the bourdon tube and/or movement.  By inspecting the rubber cup during regularly scheduled maintenance, gauge life will be increased.  During inspection, check the diaphragm cup’s round end.  If there is a small hole in this location, the system will lose fluid and fill with air.  When the system has been compromised, the rubber cup sides fill up like a balloon, causing it to be cut and to allow drilling fluids into the system.  Also, when inspecting the system, ensure that the retainer nut CN101 is flush with the housing.  If the CN101 is not flush, the diaphragm cup will show a cut on the lip.  During inspection, if cuts, wear, or tears are found, it’s time to replace the diaphragm cup. For more information about replacing diaphragm cups, refer to this informative blog post.

CD200 Rubber Cup for Gauge Protector
  • CD200 Rubber Cup for Gauge Protector

    Cd200 Rubber Cup Diaphragm

  • CD106 Gauge Protector Uses Cd200 Rubber Cup

    CD106 Gauge Protector Uses Cd200 Rubber Cup

  • Retainer Nut Also Available for CD106