50 Square Inch Compression Load Cell for Use with Bulk Tank Weight Indicator System

Compression Load Cell Systems

Crown compression load cells (often called pancake load cells) are designed to give precise readings when compressed by a bulk tank, deadline anchor or in other weight indication applications. Hydraulic compression load cells are ideally used in instances where electrical load cells may cause sparks and be potential explosion hazards. When the load cell is compressed, pressure increases in the hydraulic fluid and  the fluid is pushed through a high pressure hose to the weight indicator gauge. Each hydraulic weight indicator system comes complete with load cell, hose and gauge, and all can be custom designed to suit your application. We offer a variety of sizes for many different applications and each load cell is designed for long life in the field with little to no maintenance needed.  When it is time to repair Crown compression load cells, we offer replacement parts, such as diaphragms, in our online store.

Hydraulic Load Cells

Our hydraulic load cells are built to last, with a diaphragm designed to ease friction and leaks that are common in less sophisticated hydraulic sensors. Hydraulic load cells have exceptional dependability in outdoor environments because they do not require electricity; and therefore, the harsh elements, such as water and corrosive media, cannot affect performance.

Our Compression Load Cells Feature:

  • Compact Design
  • High Or Low Capacity
  • Durable Design
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
  • Easy-to-replace Diaphragms
  • Rugged, Accurate, Virtually Trouble-free
  • Friction-free, transmits direct signals
  • Nothing to plug in; no power source required



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Hydraulic Compression Load Cell with Weight Indicator

Hydraulic Compression Load Cell with Weight Indicator