Diaphragm for Deflection Type Clipper Weight Indicator

Deflection Load Cell Diaphragm

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Diaphragm for Deflection Type (Clipper) Weight Indicator

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Crown’s  deflection (clipper) weight indicators come complete with a CDC100 with deflection load cell diaphragm.  These load cells transmit pressure with the aid of the deflection load cell diaphragm to the clipper weight indicator. When it’s time to replace the deflection load cell diaphragm, you can trust that Crown’s clipper diaphragms are constructed of the highest quality materials.  Molded and designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the drilling industry, even the toughest deflection diaphragms will wear down overtime. When servicing your CDC100 clipper load cell and system, it’s a good time to check the diaphragm for wear.   When it needs to be replaced, it’s a good idea to have an extra deflection diaphragm for your CDC100 in stock and handy.  To avoid costly downtime, stock up today so you’ll have one when your load cell is ready for maintenance.

Deflection Load Cell Diaphragm for Clipper Weight Indicator CD201