Replacement Diaphragm for 50.0 sq in Compression Load Cell

Diaphragm 50.0 Square Inch

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Diaphragm for 50.0 square inch effective area compression load cell

SKU: CD206

One of our largest load cells, the 50 sq. in. load cell is used with our bulk tank weight indicator systems. Crown’s   50 square inch compression load cells (PN: CCC103) comes complete with our CD206 50 sq. in. load cell diaphragms.  Sturdy and dependable, these load cells transmit pressure with the aid of its 50 sq. in. load cell diaphragm to the bulk tank weight indicator gauge. This complete, hydraulic system, offers an dependable, reliable solution for measuring bulk tanks, mud tanks, and hoppers.  When it’s time to maintenance the 50 square inch compression load cell, it’s a good time to check the diaphragm for wear.  Molded and designed with the highest quality materials to withstand the harshest drilling conditions, even the toughest load cell diaphragms will wear down overtime. When servicing your 50 square inch load cell and bulk tank system, it’s a good time to check the diaphragm for wear.   When it needs to be replaced, it’s a good idea to have an extra 50 sq. in. load cell diaphragm in stock and handy.  Stocking up now could save you a great deal of costly downtime. Stock up today.

Bulk Tank Weight Indicator Load Cell Replacement Diaphragm