Crown Weight Indicator Systems


Crown Oilfield Instrumentation’s is proud to offer our full line of weight indicator systems. Our weight indicator systems use load cells, sensors or chart recorders to accurately define tension, weight, or compression. Anchor type indicators use tension load cells or compression cells to accurately read the hook load and provide the drill with weight on bit. Bulk tank indicators also use tension load cells or compression cells to indicate load measurements in bulk tanks and hoppers. Crane weight indicators are used with deadline applications and can be mounted inside or outside of the cab. For decades, deflection weight indicators have been a favorite because of their flexibility and compact size. Mini weight indicators are used for their portability and quick measurements. Wireline weight indicators protect the operator from problems that may come from not monitoring line tension, and are hydraulic operated to ensure your protection.

  • Anchor Type Weight Indicators

  • Bulk Tank Weight Indicators

  • Crane Weight Indicators

  • Deflection Weight Indicators

  • Mini Weight Indicators

  • Wireline Weight Indicators