4:1 Debooster Rubber Cup Diaphragm

Debooster Rubber Cup Diaphragm

1502 Debooster Rubber Cup Diaphragm

SKU: CD401

4:1 Debooster Rubber Cup for Lower Sub 

Our rubber cup diaphragms for 4:1 Crown Deboosters are designed to meet the needs of high pressure oilfield drilling operations. Crown debooster rubber cup diaphragms are made to our exacting specifications with superior grade rubber that can withstand many pressure varieties.  Crown rubber cup debooster diaphragms are used in our 4:1 mud pressure debooster sensor systems to protect the sensitive inner workings of our gauges.  Not only do they protect our gauges from debris, but our rubber cup diaphragms aid in sensing pressure to provide highly accurate readings. Our rubber cup diaphragms are easy to repair in the field. Buy rubber cup diaphragms separately or in our repair kits, and don’t forget a recharge kit to get you up and running quickly.  Stock up today so that you will have plenty on hand to avoid costly downtime.

Piston Separator CD136 Gauge Protector Rubber Cup

Not only does the CD401 work to protect Crown deboosters, but it also helps to keep CD136 Piston Separator Gauge Protectors safe from harsh drilling fluids. The CD401 sits in the lower sub assembly between the gauge protector and the pipe, sensing pressure and providing protection for the gauge saver. Each 1502 lower sub rubber cup diaphragm is made with the sturdiest materials and you can trust them to sense pressure accurately. Whether you're using a piston style gauge protector or a debooster gauge protector, you can count on Crown's CD401 to keep these all important sending units safe from drilling fluid.

1502 4:1 Debooster Rubber Cup Diaphragm
  • 1502 4:1 Debooster Rubber Cup Diaphragm

    1502 4:1 Debooster Rubber Cup Diaphragm

  • 4:1 Debooster Uses CD401 Rubber Cup in Lower Sub

    1502 Debooster (CWDB4X) Uses CD401 Diaphragm in Lower Sub

  • CD136 Piston Separator Uses CD401 Rubber Diaphragm in Lower Sub