Iron Rough Neck Torque Gauge

Iron Roughneck Torque Gauge

Iron Roughnecks perform one of the toughest jobs in the oilfield, making up and breaking out drill pipe, drill collars and bottomhole assemblies (BHA).  This all too difficult task used to be handled by human roughnecks but is now handled by iron roughneck equipment. To accurately measure torque in the harshest industry environments, the Crown’s CG600-IR iron rough neck torque gauge is what you need to maximize pipe handling operations. Crown’s six inch, heavy duty aluminum gauge is fluid-filled to resist iron roughneck jarring and vibrations and is easy to view. Setting the red target pointer  assists in streamlining the make and break process and helps to see if you’re hitting your max torque time after time. Each CG600-IR gauge can be customized to your exact specifications so that you’ll get the best iron rough neck gauge to handle whatever tubular connection you’re working on. Available in 270 degree dual scale dials measuring foot lbs and psi, this gauge will keep your turning right, time after time. 

All Crown Iron Rough Neck Gauges are built to meet or exceed API specifcations.

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Features of Iron Roughneck Torque Gauge:

  • Easy-to-read 6" dial face 
  • Adjustable red pointer for setting max make up and break out torque
  • Box mount with attached dampener assembly or panel mount with remote dampener styles available
  • Standard and custom capacities available to up to 120,000 ft/lbs. of max torque
  • Standard and metric equivalents available
  • Fluid-filled gauge to resist vibrations, corrosion, and general wear
  • dampener assembly adjusts pointer sensitivity for increased accuracy and even pointer movement


  • Large, easy-to-read dial face for accurate torque measuring
  • Fluid-filled gauge to resist shock, jarring, vibrations and corrosion
  • quick installation on a variety of iron roughneck equipment
  • repairs kits available for fast field repairs
  • sturdy, dependable construction to withstand the harshest industry conditions

To Order CG600-IR Iron Roughneck Gauge, Specify:

  • Max Torque Capacity of Iron Roughneck Gauge
  • Make and Model of Iron Roughneck
  • PSI Pressure at Maximum Torque
  • Box or Panel Mount Gauge
  • Custom Logo on Dial 
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Iron Rough Neck Gauge

Crown's Iron Rough Neck Gauge Can be Configured to Your Specific PSI and Torque