Buy 25K Tong Line Pull System CTT100-04

25K Tong Line Pull System -- CTT100-04

CTT100-04 25K Tong Line Pull System comes complete with 25K Tong Line Pull Gauge, 25 Ft. Hose Assembly, and 6.53 Tension Load Cell.

SKU: CTT100-04

Buy 25K Tong Line Pull System -- CTT100-04

The CTT100-04 25K Tong Line Pull System is a universal gauge that can be used on all manual tongs needing a max torque of 25,000 lbs. This tong line pull system comes complete with the following:

  • CG600-04 6", 25K tong line pull gauge
  • CH113-25 25 ft. low pressure hose assembly (complete with quick disconnects)
  • CTC107 6.53 tension load cell line pull sensor for 0-25,000 lbs. single line load
  • CW15 quart of all weather instrument oil
  • Calibration certificate 
  • Load Test certificate

The Crown 25K Tong Line pull system is a universal tong system that can be used with a variety of tong handle lengths with a max torque of up to 25,000 lbs. This durable gauge, hose, and tong cylinder, come complete, charged and ready to use out of the box. Each system is quality tested and comes with a gauge calibration certificate and load test certificate. 

The CG600-04 is a six inch fluid-filled, durable gauge. The red target pointer can be set to make sure that the user hits his desired torque each and every time.  These gauges can withstand the harshest industry conditions and stand up to rig vibrations, extreme temperature variations, and just about anything the oilfield can throw at them. 

The 6.53 tension tong cylinder is built in our factory of only the sturdiest materials. Our machinists and technicians quality test our 6.53 tension load cells to ensure that you'll get only the highest quality, most dependable tong line pull system available. When it's time to repair our cylinders, repair kits are available online and are easy to use. 

Need more information about these universal tong line pull systems? Visit our tong line pull, tong torque gauge page.  Need to know which tong system is right for you? Visit our blog post to determine if you need a tong line pull or tong torque system.  Want to speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members? Give us a call or email us. We're more than happy to make sure you have the right tong system for your application. Because when the pressure's on, Crown torque systems will keep you turning right. 


25K Tong Line Pull System CTT100-04
  • 25K Tong Line Pull System CTT100-04

    Tong Line Pull and Tong Torque Gauges

  • 6.53 tong cylinder for CTT100-04 25K Tong Line Pull System

    6.53 Tension Tong Cylinder for CTT100-04 Tong Line Pull

  • CKT202 Repair Kit Also Available for 6.53 Tong Sensor