Retainer Nut Wrench for CD106 Retainer Nut CN101

Retainer Nut Wrench

SKU: CW109

Why You Need a Retainer Nut Wrench

Not sure you need a retainer nut wrench? When it’s time to replace a gauge protector (CD106) rubber cup (CD200), you first have to remove the retainer nut (CN101), which seals the rubber cup into the protector’s housing. Overtime the rubber cup wears and needs to be replaced. If you’re not careful, you can strip the retainer nut trying to remove it and will have to replace it, too. No spare retainer nut on hand? Then, you're waiting for another one to come in  In the oilfield, waiting  for something usually wastes money.

Many technicians try to use pliers or two screw drivers inserted into the slots to unscrew and remove the retainer nut. But, when these methods don't work, they just smash the retainer nut to break it and remove it. No use breaking a perfectly reusable part or having to wait; use the CW109, and the retainer nut will be a snap to remove. Made of sturdy material right in our machine shop, Crown's retainer nut wrench will be an excellent addition to your tool box on hand when it's time to replace the next gauge protector rubber cup. After all, having the right tool for the job saves time, money, and effort.

 Need help with how to change a gauge protector rubber cup? Visit our blog to watch a video on how to use the CW109 retainer nut and to replace the CD200 rubber cup. Crown provides replacement parts online for all your gauge protectors, sensors and load cells. Should you need additional assistance with these parts and repairs, visit our blog for step by step instructions.  Want to speak to a person? Give us a call and our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be able to help.

CW109 Retainer Nut Wrench and CN101 Retainer Nut
  • CW109 Retainer Nut Wrench and CN101 Retainer Nut

    Retainer Nut and Retainer Nut Wrench

  • CN101 Retainer Nut Removes Easily with Retainer Nut Wrench

    CN101 Retainer Nut Removes Easily with Retainer Nut Wrench

  • CD106 Rubber Cup Sealed In Housing with Retainer Nut