Hydraulic Rotary Torque Gauge

Hydraulic Rotary Torque System

Crown Oilfield Instrumentation’s Hydraulic Rotary Torque System (Hydromech) is designed for rigs with chain driven rotary tables. The system is designed to display rotary torque to alert users of changes in the drilling parameters to help avoid twist offs.  Crown Hydromech Rotary Torque Systems helps to indicate hole conditions and torque patterns, providing the driller with when it’s time to change the bit. Capacities available are 500 and 1000 points (relative torque indication). Crown hydraulic rotary torque gauges offer accurate pressure readings in the harshest drilling rig conditions.

Crown Rotary Torque Hydro-Mechs are fabricated and engineered from plate steel in the same way that other important rig components are made, including deadline anchors and rotary tables. We build our hydromechs in this way because we feel that this is the strongest, most durable way to build such an important drilling component. Our hydromechs are solid plate steel and not layered welds or sand-casted, such as other products on the market By using layered welds or sand casting, the instances of occlusions and/or air bubbles in the metal can increase, causing metal failure. When the metal fails in a hydromech, costly damage can result to the rotary chair and rotary drive system. Crown’s hydromech has been engineered to be 3 times stronger than the competition. Because we make our products in house, our prices are highly competitive. Stronger products and better prices provide cost savings and reduce downtime.

All Crown Hydraulic Rotary Torque Systems are built to meet or exceed API specifcations.

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The Hydraulic Rotary Torque System (Hydromech) Includes:

  • 6” fluid-filled rotary torque gauge in box or panel mount.
  • Idler assembler including a rubber wheel or chain sprocket.
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Disconnects
  • 1 – quart of Crown Oilfield Instrumentation all-weather instrument fluid.


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Benefits Of Hydromech/Hydraulic Rotary Torque System:

  • Forecasts early warnings of impending over-torque.
  • Advises methods regarding bits and torque patterns.
  • System is in use world wide.
  • Reduces torque problems such as twist offs.

Our Hydraulic Rotary Torque System Features:

  • Rugged 6” Fluid Filled gauge can be box mounted or panel mounted.
  • Provides gauge readings of torque.
  • Adjustable dial so gauge can be re-zeroed as pipe weight increases.

To Order Crown’s Hydromech System Specify:

  • Available gauge reading 500 or 1000 points.
  • Box or panel mount.
  • Hose Length.
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Rotary Torque Hydromech System

Rotary Torque System