Repairing a 1:1 Piston Separator

Repair Kit 1:1 Piston Separator

Crown's CKT211 repair kit has everything yo uneed to repair a CD136 1:1 piston separator.


Repairing a 1:1 piston separator?  The Crown Repair Kit CKT211 has everything needed to effectively repair a 1:1 Piston Separator in the field.  Proper service and repair is very important for operating all oilfield instrumentation equipment safely and reliably. In the event that the gauge readings become erratic or sluggish, replacing the seals, rubber cup, and check valve in the gauge saver will improve performance. Should the hydraulic hose be removed from the system, it is also recommended that the seal be replaced to preserve gauge accuracy.  Piston Separators, when well maintained, will accurately transfer well fluid pressure to a remotely located gauge or recorder.


Please refer to service manual for proper installation of this repair kit.

Repair Piston Isolator CKT211
  • Repair Piston Isolator CKT211

    Repair Piston Isolator CKT211

  • CD136  Gauge Protector Uses Repair Piston Isolator CKT211

    Cd136 Gauge Protector Uses Repair Kit CKT211

  • CKT211 Comes with CD401 Rubber Cup or Can Be Purchased Without