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In today's oilfield, downtime is very costly. That's why we're changing the way you buy tong gauges. When you absolutely have to have it as fast as possible, shop online to get the highest quality, most durable, highly affordable universal tong line pull gauge on the market. Whether you need a 20K tong line pull or a 25K tong line pull gauge, Crown has the right tong gauge system for your application. And, you can rest assured that our tong line pull systems will provide years of service, because they are built right in our factory here in Louisiana, all at factory-direct pricing. So, click on one of the pictures below to get buy your 20K or 25K tong gauge system online. Need something other than one of these universal tong gauges? We've got a 30K universal system and tong torque gauges systems for a variety of applications. Just visit our tong line pull tong torque gauge page for more information or contact us for a detailed quote. We'll get you up and running in no time. Because when the pressure's on, you can buy our tong gauges online and save time and money. 

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