Debooster Rubber Cup Diaphragm

Debooster Rubber Cup 2202

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Viton Rubber Cup for 2202 Debooster Gauge Protector

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Crown debooster rubber cup diaphragms  stand up to the high pressure conditions in fracking, cementing and acidizing drilling applications.  Made with Viton, our debooster rubber cup diaphrgams made to our design specifications to withstand man high pressures.  Crown debooster rubber cup diaphragms protect the sensitive inner workings of our gauges and aid in sensing pressure to provide highly accurate readings. Our debooster rubber cup diaphragms are easy to repair in the field. Buy rubber cup diaphragms separately or in our repair kits, and don’t forget a recharge kit to get you up and running quickly.  Stock up today so that you will have plenty on hand to avoid costly downtime.

2202 Diaphragm for Gauge Protector