Torque Gauges & Torque Systems - Tong Torque Gauge


Crown Oilfield Instrumentation’s torque systems come in several different types, ranging from Hydraulic Rotary Torque Systems to Torque Gauges and Line Pull Systems. Each can be used for a wide variety of pipe weights and sizes in any makup or break out situation. Tong torque systems help prevent over or under turning pipe, all the while providing accurate and efficient torque measurement. Red target pointers assist operators to hit the right torque each and every time, and these hydraulic systems can be configured to your exact specifications. Because these systems are custom designed to meet your needs, you'll have the exact, right tong torque measuring device for your drilling application.  Built of the highest quality materials, all Crown torque systems are designed to meet or exceed API specifications and will  stand up to the harshest industry conditions, time after time. Crown's tong torque systems provide many years of dependable, accurate measurements from one worker to the next  and from one rig to the next. Custom designed and affordable, Crown torque systems will keep you turning right. 

  • Tong Torque & Tong Line Pull

  • Hydraulic Rotary Torque System

  • Iron Roughneck Torque Gauge