Red Hydraulic Fluid

Red Hydraulic Fluid

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Red Hydraulic Fluid for Use in Drilling Rig Hydraulic Pressure System


Gallon-sized red hydraulic fluid can be used with all Crown systems. Our Red fluid is designed to offer high operating reliability and protects instruments against wear, rust and corrosion.  Our hydraulic fluid stands up to the harshest conditions in the oil industry, and it will protect sensitive gauges from wear.  When used with our gauge savers and sensors, Crown red hydraulic instrument fluid provides a reliable way to measure pressure, torque and weight.  When pressure is transmitted through a hydraulic hose filled with our red hydraulic fluid, the system’s gauge will indicate the pressure, torque or weight being exerted.  When air gets trapped in a hydraulic system, the gauge will not be able to provide accurate pressure indications.  At that time it is best to bleed the system and replace it with fresh red hydraulic fluid.  Whether you need a gallon of fluid or a quart, you can trust Crown’s CW15 to provide protection to sensitive systems. Need the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for our red hydraulic fluid? Click this link and the red fluid MSDS will be loaded in a new browser window.

Crown CW15 Gallon Hydraulic Fluid