Deflection Clipper Weight Indicator

Deflection (Clipper) Weight Indicator Systems

Crown deflection weight indicators are complete portable weight measurement systems that can be set up near a well operator or mount on a mast or derrick.  For years, this style and model of weight indicators have been favored for use drilling rigs because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Our deflection weight indicators come with ten dials to simplify the process of operating on multiple rigs.  By the simple process of changing a dial, you can switch between measuring the drill line size and the number of lines strung. The deadline diaphragm operates by measuring the converted hydraulic pressure force from the tightened drill line, which is then registered by the gauge and displays the weight.  Designed to be used on small rigs or well service units that do not have deadline anchors, Crown clipper weight indicators provide accurate weight measurement with two pointers on one gauge. Each clipper weight indicator consists of an inner and outer dial, with the yellow pointer indicating total hook load, and the Vernier (white) pointer indicating weight on the bit. Our clipper weight indicators are durable, reliable, and dependable. Being made of only the most sturdy materials, our deflection (clipper) weight indicator systems stand up to the harshest conditions. The steel case offers compact storage and can be moved from job to job, protecting the clipper system from weather and day-to-day wear.

All Crown Deflection Weight Indicator (Clipper) Systems are built to meet or exceed API specifcations. 

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Deflection, aka Clipper, Weight Indicator Features:

  • 12″ gauge
  • Deadline diaphragm
  • Hydraulic hose and C-Clamp
  • Steel case with compact storage
  • Built-in handles
  • 10 dials set: From 2-lines 7/8” to 8-Lines 1 ¼”
  • Weight indicators include individual pointers for weight and sensitivity (6:1 ratio)
  • Two box sizes. Compact size, and a larger size which can fit 5-6” gauges and one circular recorder.
  • 48,000-pound maximum single-line load with 1” drill line
  • 25-foot heavy duty hose. (Other lengths are available upon request
  • (Optional) Circular recorder for recording weight
  • Available in English, Metric and SI Metric



  • Our systems come ready-made, and fully assembled and calibrated.
  • Includes two adjustable dampers for weight and sensitivity.
  • Can be mounted almost anywhere.
  • Replacement parts like glass, gaskets and diaphragms available for field repair.


To Order Specify:

  • Dial reading: English, Metric (kg) or SI Metric (daN)
  • Number of Lines strung
  • Drilling line size
  • Mast Capacity for Clipper Weight Indicator
  • Hose length
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