Clear Instrument Fluid Quart

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Use Crown clear fluid to lubricate gauge’s movement and protect gauge from heat, vibrations, pulsations, and moisture. Available in gallon and quart.


Protect pressure gauges and weight indicators from the harshest oil industry conditions.  From pulsations, to vibrations, to heat and moisture, clear instrument fluid will increase gauge life.  Clear instrument fluid helps to reduce pointer fluctuations, providing more accurate readings.  The internal working parts of gauges are prone to damage from rig vibrations, but Crown’s clear gauge fluid will cushion gauges and weight indicators from pulsations and vibrations from the rig.  Moisture and heat can damage a gauge too, but our clear instrument fluid is sealed in the gauge, insulating the gauge.  By being sealed with this fluid, gauges resist moisture and stay cool in the heat.  Crown instrument fluid protects gauges and reduces the need for replacements and repairs.

Clear Fluid for Hydraulic Instrumentation