Tension Load Cells

Tension Load Cells

Crown Oilfield Instrumentation’s Tension Load Cells are dependable and durable components of pressure management systems for drilling rigs.  These load cells transmit pressure to a Crown gauge via a hydraulic hose when tension is applied. Crown tension load cells are made in house to work with out tong torque systems, wireline weight indicator systems, Tension Load Celland crane weight systems.    Available in spin or nonspin varieties, Crown offers many sizes to suit your  application in the oil and gas industry.


Our Features:

  • Precision Accuracy
  • Compact DesignTension Load Cells | Crown Oilfield Instrumentation
  • Wide Tension Capacity Range
  • Durable Construction
  • Highly Accurate, Dependable, Virtually Trouble-free
  • Transmits Direct Signals to Gauge, Friction-free
  • No Power Source Required; Nothing to Plug In


To request a quote on tension load cells, submit your information in the form on the right, along with load cell size, size of pin holes, and the application the tension load cell is needed for.


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