What company will ship my package, if it is prepaid?

If customer requests prepaid shipping, the package be shipped via UPS Ground in the US.  For international customers, we request that shipping be arranged by the customer. For more information about UPS shipping, please refer to

How much is shipping and delivery?

Shipping charges are based on the weight and dimensions of your shipment as well as the method of shipment requested: ground, express, next day, guaranteed, freight, international, etc.

What is the origination location of the shipment?

All products are shipped from our manufacturing facility:

Crown Oilfield Instrumentation

204 West Lafayette Street

Maurice LA 70555, USA


When will my order arrive?

Arrival times are based on several factors including, Crown’s production schedule, availability of material, and the customer’s requested shipping method.

Who will deliver my order?

Our preferred method of prepaid shipping is through UPS in the US.  Freight is shipped based on best available method for destination location.  If a customer arranges shipping, then shipment will be delivered by customer’s preferred carrier. International customers are requested to arrange shipment of their items.

What if my order is other than expected?

If you are not completely satisfied with your product, contact us at (877) 908-3790, 24/7.  Should the item be damaged in shipment, please contact the shipping carrier to initiate a claim.

How will my order be packaged?

Each item is inspected then hand-packed to ensure that it leaves our facility in the best condition and arrives to the customer in the best condition.  All of our products are packed in double-walled boxes with heavy-duty tape and/or staples, and all items are cushioned with biodegradable paper.  Each box will include the requested items, calibration certificates, and product manuals.

How are returns handled?

If you are not completely satisfied with your Crown product, contact us at (877)908-3790

Are tracking numbers provided with my shipment?

Every effort will be made to notify customers of tracking information, provided by third party vendors.

Do you send packages COD (Cash on Delivery).


What is the latest time to order an item that is in stock to receive it next day?

If an item is in stock, an order can be placed until 2:00 pm CT and received the next day.  Next day fees apply for domestic shipping.  International shipping does not ship next day.

What are duties, taxes and fees?

Taxes, fees, and duties are charges issued by customs for importing goods into a country.  The charges will be based on the value of the item and the weight of the item.

What are my options in terms of international delivery companies?

Customers are requested to schedule shipping by a third-party vendor of their own choosing.  Our shipping department will arrange shipment with the customer’s carrier of choice.



Can the dial on the gauge be customized?

Yes, all gauge faces can be customized with your logo.  A one-time design fee of $75 USD will be charged.

What units of measure can a gauge have?

English, Metric, Kilonewtons, MegaPascal (MPa) BAR, SI Metric DaN

How are gauges mounted?

Gauges can be ordered in box or panel mount configuration, depending on your application.

What hose lengths are available with systems?

Hose lengths can be specified to your own application.

What kind of image do you need to make a custom dial?

A high resolution image of the company’s logo will be needed to create a customized dial.



What forms of payment are accepted?

Crown Oilfield Instrumentation accepts wire transfers, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express), and bank drafts.  After credit history has been established, companies may apply for Net 30 credit terms for review.  Application for credit terms does not guarantee credit being awarded.

What are Crown Oilfield Instrumentation’s payment terms?

 Domestic Customers

A new domestic customer is requested to pay by credit card.  After establishing a payment history with Crown, a customer can request Net 30 terms.

 International Customers

International Customers are asked to wire funds in advance of orders being sent to production.  International wire transfer instructions are sent with Proforma Invoices to each customer who provides a purchase order to Crown.

Do you charge Sales Tax?

All Louisiana residence are required to pay applicable taxes.  Those with reseller tax exemption certificates must be on file at Crown in order to be receive tax exempt status.  For more information contact customer service at International customers must pay duties and taxes related to their shipped items.

Do you accept payment in foreign currencies?

No. Payments must be made in U.S. dollars. If payment is made by credit card, payment currency conversion rates are determined by the issuing bank. Crown will bill the exact invoice amount in U.S. dollars to the credit card.


What is the calibration certificate that comes with all gauges?

Crown provides calibration certificates for all gauges using equipment traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  All gauges are certified from date of calibration for one year.

Can I have a gauge re-calibrated?

Yes, gauges can be re-calibrated; however, they must be inspected and all applicable repair fees must be paid to re-calibrate the gauge.

Does my gauge come with a manual?

Yes, all Crown gauges come with technical documentation for installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Do you repair the gauges you sell?

Yes, we repair our gauges as well as most oilfield instrumentation.

Can I purchase repair and recharge kits for all gauges and systems?

Yes, we offer repair and recharge kits for all of our gauges and systems.  Contact us at for more information.

How do Crown gauges measure up to extreme environments?

Crown gauges can withstand temperatures from -50° to +150° F (-45° to +65° C) and still remain accurate.


To what countries do you export?

Crown exports to over 30 countries around the world.

Is there a Representative in my area?

Contact for more information regarding Crown representatives.

Is there a reseller or distributor in my area?

Contact for more information regarding Crown reseller or distributor.

Can I use the internet to place an export order?

Crown’s website is equipped to take your International and Domestic order.

Are you a manufacturer?

Crown is the manufacturer of all Crown gauges.

Is the Crown brand registered?

Yes, the Crown logo, name and brand are all US registered trademarks.

Can I become a Crown reseller or distributor?

For more information about becoming a Crown reseller or distributor, contact us at

How can I check the status of an order?

All inquiries about the status of the order should be directed to

How do I request an inquiry or quote?

Each product webpage has a quote request form.  Filling out this form is the fastest way to reach a Crown representative.  Should you wish to contact a Crown representative by phone, please call toll free 877-908-3790.

How quickly are requests for quotes processed?

Crown representatives make every effort to complete all quotes within 12 hours of receiving the request.

Can I order a product catalog?

Product catalogs are available online in both Spanish and English.

Are there data sheets available for all products?

Yes, data sheets are available for all products on their corresponding webpages.