VIton Diaphragm Cup CD200-1

VIton Diaphragm Cup CD200-1

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Viton CD200 Rubber Cup Diaphragms are easy to replace in the field and protect gauges from harsh H2S and other corrosive drilling fluids.

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Crown Viton diaphragm cups (CD200-1) protect pressure gauges from caustic drilling fluids, mud or cement. Viton diaphragm cup (also known as bladders) can be easily replaced in the field, and regular replacement will ensure that gauges perform properly. When Viton diaphragm cups begin to wear, drilling mud will enter the gauge harming the bourdon tube and/or movement.  Regular inspection of gauge protectors and Viton diaphragm cups will increase a pressure gauge's life.  When inspecting gauge protectors and sensors, inspect the Viton diaphragm cup’s round end.  Small holes in this location will cause the system to lose fluid and fill with air..  If the system fills with air, the VIton rubber cup sides will expand too much, increasing the likelihood that it will be cut and allow drilling fluids into the system.    During inspection, if tears, cuts, wear is found, it’s time to replace the Viton diaphragm cup.

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