Chart Recorders

Crown Oilfield Instrumentation’s 12” circular chart recorders are built to last. Our mud pressure recorders are durable in all conditions and with high degree of accuracy.  Available in truck mount or portable, our dependable chart recorders are available with 1 or 2 pens to record two pressure inputs at the same time.

Chart Recorders Available with:


  • Truck or portable configurations.
  • Various clock options.
  • A number of pressure ranges.
  • Dual pen recorders for recording two pressure inputs at the same time.


Our Circular Mud Pressure Recorders Feature:

  • Comes in Truck Mount or Portable variations
  • 1 or 2 pen versions available
  • Can be calibrated for use up to 15000 p.s.i.
  • Extremely accurate to less than 1% margin error
  • English and Metric versions available
  • Gauges can be built into base (upon request)
  • 1 box of charts
  • 1 quart of Crown Oilfield Instrumentation all-weather Instrument Fluid
  • High pressure hoses
  • Disconnects
  • Rubber cup type diaphragm protector (optional)
  • 1:1 piston isolator
  • Sensors with 2” 1502 type wing nut


Benefits of Circular Chart Recorders:

  • Ability to stock one line of recorder charts and expendables.
  • Easily replaceable with no modifications to mounting boxes.
  • 6” fluid-filled gauge in portable model.


To Order Specify:

  • Pressure range or capacity to be recorded
  • Portable or truck mount
  • Amount of pens required
  • English or Metric version
  • Whether or not gauges are required in base.
  • Sensor requirements
  • Hose requirements

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12" Circular Pressure Recorder

Deflection Weight Indicator and Chart Recorder in Red Box

Deflection (Clipper) Weight Indicator and Chart Recorder

Truck Mount Chart Recorder

Truck Mount Chart Recorder