Hydraulic Fluid Recharge Kit

Hydraulic Fluid Recharge Kit


Crown system recharge kit includes  aluminum hand pump, teflon tape, check valve with brass cap and quart of CW15 red hydraulic instrument fluid.


Crown Hydraulic Fluid Recharge Kits come complete with everything you need to refill red hydraulic instrument fluid on the drilling rig.

  •  Aluminum Hand Pump — CH103-1
  • Telflon Tape
  • Check Valve — CC102
  • Quart Hydraulic Fluid — CW15

Mud pump pressure indicating systems constantly measure and provide accurate pressure measurement of drilling fluids.  When pressure is inaccurate, either reading too high or reading too low, then that is an indication that gauge fluid is not at its optimal level.  Air may be in the mud pump system.  A leak may have developed, and/or the seals or diaphragm may have been compromised.  After servicing the mud pressure system, a Crown hydraulic fluid recharge kit will assist in getting the pressure flowing again.