Mast-Mounted Titan Drill Line Anchor for Drilling Rigs


CROWN Oilfield Instrumentation created TITAN Deadline Anchors because we quickly realized that creating our own Deadline Anchor was the only way to make sure we had one that lived up to our standards of Quality, Accuracy and Durability.

The TITAN Drill Line Anchor lineup offers a pull capacity 30,000 – 600000 pounds. Every TITAN Anchor is made of the highest quality structural steel, and they are always made in America. These components make it capable of handling the harshest drilling conditions.

TITAN anchors offer unmatched reliability, durability, and cost savings versus the competition. Our anchors are also engineered for safety – every TITAN anchor sold is pull tested and certified, and the design of each model was approved and sealed by a third-party Professional Engineer. Our TITAN Deadline Anchors are ready for use with Crown Oilfield Instrumentation load cells & weight indicators.

All Crown TITAN Deadline Anchors are built to meet or exceed API specifcations. 

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Features of our TITAN® Deadline Anchors:


  • Made in America
  • Available in Left-Hand & Right-Hand Model Configuration
  • TITAN anchors are compatible with wireline sizes from 5/8 inches to 1-7/8 inches
  • Deadline pull capacities from 30,000 to 60,000 pounds
  • Lightweight TITAN Anchors made for mounting on wheel-mounted rigs and helicopter rigs
  • Heavy-duty TITAN models made for 2-million pound drilling masts
  • TITAN Anchors can accept both Standard wire rope & Super-Grip series plastic-filled wire rope
  • TITAN Deadline Anchors come complete with Pull Test Certification Certificates for Compliance Documentation


Benefits of using the TITAN® Deadline Anchor:

  • Center-point mounted drums ensure optimum accuracy
  • Smooth drum surface to increase cable lifespan
  • Heavy-duty, high-grade structural steel construction with tapered roller anti-friction bearings and heat-treated alloy shaft provides a super strong anchor with exceptional reliability
  • Proof-testing to 150% of rated capacity ensures superior durability
  • Bronze wireline clamp inserts provide tight cable grip without damage to the line
  • Simple installation and repair
  • Fully compatiable with industry standard instrumentation and load cell products
  • Anchor inserts available for replacement and quick field repair.


To Help Us Quote Your New TITAN Anchor, Please Provide the Following Information:

  • Rig Size
  • Derrick capacity in pounds
  • Right or left hand model
  • Size of drilling wireline
  • Number of lines strung



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Floor Mount Titan Deadline Anchor Type EB

Floor Mount Titan Deadline Anchor Type EB