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For over 40 years, Crown Oilfield Instrumentation has been selling and servicing drilling rig instrumentation to the oil and gas industry. A family-owned business, passed down three generations, we offer a complete line of hydraulic and digital drilling rig instrumentation. From weight indicators, to mud pressure gauges, to tong torque gauges, Crown has the right, custom pressure management solutions for all drilling needs. Whether you need a rig gauge for a land rig or offshore rig, we have everything you need to keep you turning right. Because our company is family-owned and operated, our technicians have years of experience building only the best drilling rig instrumentation.  We design, develop, and manufacture all of our oilfield instrumentation in our factory in Louisiana, USA, and we machine and make all critical components, like Bourdon tubes, in house. All gauges and sensors are tested and certified to be accurate before they leave the factory and these tests are traceable back to NIST. Doing so, ensures that our instrumentation lives up to our strictest standards and is certified for its quality, durability, and accuracy.  Each of our products is custom built to your exact specifications so you can rest assured that your Crown's oilfield instrumentation will provide the most dependable and reliable digital and hydraulic instrumentation readings.  Take a look at our digital and hydraulic drilling rig instrumentation product line below,and let us know how we can build a custom pressure management solution to your exact specifications. Because when the pressure's on, all Crown gauges measure up.

  • Mud Pressure Gauges

  • Deadline Anchors

  • Chart Recorders

  • Torque Gauges & Systems

  • Electronic Measuring Products

  • Weight Indicators Systems

  • Load Cells & Pressure Sensors