Deflection Type Weight Indicator Gasket

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Replacement gasket for deflecion type weight indicator.

SKU: CG203

Crown’s deflection weight indicators are tough and can stand up to whatever the oilfield can throw at them. All of our weight indicators are made of the highest quality materials, especially the gaskets that hold the gauge glass in place.  Our deflection type weight indicator gaskets provide a sturdy seal to keep our clear gauge fluid in place.  Clear gauge fluid reduces shock and rig vibrations to give accurate readings.  When the clear fluid leaks out of the gauge or when the glass is cracked, it is a good time to repair the deflection type weight indicator gasket. Doing so will provide a tight seal and keep the clear fluid in place. When it’s time to service your weight indicator, be sure to have an extra deflection type weight indicator gasket, clear fluid, and an extra glass handy.