mini weight indicator systems

MINI Weight Indicator Systems

Our mini weight indicator systems, also called “midget indicators”, are ideal for small work over rigs, water well drilling rigs, and geothermal drilling. Our complete mini weight indicator systems are mounted in a compact box for convenient transport and are ready to use, right out of the box. No assembly or loading is required. The load cell attaches easily  to the rig without the need for a deadline anchor, and everything you need to install this system is included. Our indicators are designed to provide extremely accurate weight measurement, and the large dial is easy to read at a distance. The 6″ gauge is fluid-filled to resist shock, vibrations, corrosion and dial bounce. This hydraulic system is complete, needing no external power source.

All Crown Mini Weight Indicator System are built to meet or exceed API specifcations. 

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Mini Weight Indicator Features:

  • Large 6″ fluid filled gauge for easy viewing and durability
  • 25 feet of high pressure hose
  • Heavy duty steel box
  • Includes load cell and built in damper assembly
  • Rugged design and durable material
  • Accurate measurements in extreme conditions — operational in ambient temperature range of -50° to 150° F (-45° to 65° C)
  • Mini Weight Indicator System is provided with a 6.53 sq. inch piston type load cell which has a working capacity of 25,000 pounds single line load. Non-Spin model available upon request.
  • Super (Midget) Mini Weight Indicator System comes with a 16.1 sq. inch diaphragm type tension load cell which has a working capacity of 30,000 pounds single line load
  • Available in English, Metric, or dual scale divisions
  • System is included with quart of Crown Oilfield Instrumentation all-weather instrument fluid.
  • Recharge kits, replacement seals, and gauge glass available for easy field repair.


Specify Your Order:

  • Single Line Load
  • Derrick capacity
  • Size of drilling line
  • Number of lines strung in blocks
  • Hose length(standard length is 25 feet)
  • Dial scale
  • Load cell style
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Mini Weight Indicator for Small Drilling Rigs

Mini Weight Indicator in Red Box

6.53 Piston Style Load Cell for Mini Weight Indicator System

6.53 Piston Style Load Cell for Mini Weight Indicator System