Diaphragm 16.0 Long Stroke Tension Load Cell

Diaphragm for 16.0 Long Stroke Tension Load Cell

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Crown’s 16.0 sq. in. replacement diaphragm (CD203)  helps the load cell indicate pressure when the load cell is compressed. Our 16.0 sq. in. replacement diaphragms  are molded to fit our load cells 16.1 square inch tension load cell (PN: CTC101) and have been constructed of the best materials on the market.   Crafted to stand up to the highest pressures that the drilling industry can produce, with normal wear, a 16.0 sq. in. load cell diaphragm will wear as time goes by.  When it’s time for a 16.0 replacement load cell diaphragm, make sure to have an extra on hand. No one wants to wait for supplies when it’s time to repair and maintenance a hydraulic load cell system.  That causes downtime, and that’s costly. Don’t wait until it’s time to replace a 16.0 sq. in. load cell diaphragm, stock up and avoid the wait for parts when you need them the most.

Replacement diaphragm for hydraulic tension load cell