Hey! What did you say? Or, Why You Should Wear Hearing Protection at Work

 You Should Protect Your Hearing at Work

You probably take your hearing for granted; in fact, most people do, until they start having difficulty understanding common, everyday conversations with friends and/or loved ones. As we age, losing some hearing is a natural process, and you can lose more than necessary if you don’t protect your hearing. Read more | Sep 25, 2018

50 Fun Things to Do in Houston during OTC’s 50th Show

OTC Houston turns 50 this year --fifty years of exhibitors showing new products, fifty years of sharing industry ideas, and fifty years of innovation. Now, it may take you several days to walk one of the largest shows in the industry, but we thought you might like a list of 50 fun things to do while in Houston. After all, all work and no play….


How to Change a Gauge Protector Rubber Cup Diaphragm

Regular maintenance of gauge protectors is essential to keeping them sensing pressure properly. The CD200 rubber cup senses this pressure and protects sensitive gauge internals from harsh drilling fluids. With regular maintenance, this gauge protector will provide years of worry-free service in the field. When it's time to replace the rubber cup diaphragm, follow…

Why You Need to Wear Steel Toe Shoes at Work

Are you wearing your protective footwear the right way? Do you know why you need to wear steel toe boots at work? This blog covers the reasons you need to wear steel toes shoes, how to get the right fit, and how to maintain your steel toe shoes so they protect your feet in the workplace.

How to Replace Dampener Seals on a UMG

Crown's Flange UMG's will withstand the harshest industry conditions, and with regular maintenance they will last for years. It is important to follow a regular maintenance schedule where the diaphragm cup, and o-ring seals are checked for nicks, cuts or tears. If these all important items do wear, they can affect the gauge's accuracy.…

How to Recharge a UMG with Red Hydraulic Fluid

A Crown Unitized Mud Gauge is designed to be used right out of the box and to provide years of worry-free service. With a regular, routine maintenance schedule, a Unitized mud gauge will withstand the harshest oilfield environment. If there is a loss of fluid, Crown's UMG will need to be recharged, and it is an easy matter to do so…

How to Replace a Rubber Diaphragm in Flange Standpipe Gauge

Crown gauges are built to last. So, when it's time for routine maintenance or when a rubber cup blows, knowing how to replace on is very important for proper pressure management.

How to Wear a Hardhat

Are You Wearing Your Hard Hat the Right Way? A hard hat may be a pain to wear for many of you, but we have to wear them in hazardous workplace environments. Yes, you may think it’s too hot to wear or that it’s a nuisance because it feels like it’s about to fall off, but it’s a very necessary part of your protective equipment. After all, righands wear them, toolpushers wear them, technicians wear ...

How Does an Electronic Pump Stroke Counter Work?

Electronic Pump Stroke Counters are a vital part to any drilling rig operation. When a mud pump is in operation, the driller must know how much mud is flowing down hole in order to keep the operation running at peak efficiency. Pump stroke counters assist the driller by measuring the mud pump’s strokes per minute and total strokes. So, how does a pump stroke counter tally the mud pump’s strokes

Watch Your Step! Avoid Tripping, Slipping and Falling

Watch Your Step! Avoid Slipping, Tripping and Falling Did you know that slipping, tripping and falling in the workplace often occur performing the most simple of tasks, like walking or climbing a ladder? According to the US Department of Labor, one of the most frequently reported injuries are from slipping, trips, or falls. Seventeen percent of those reported result in disabling, occupational inju ...