RPM & SPM Meters


Our 5” Tachometer system is driven by a generator, which are explosion proof. The system is designed to read the rotary speed with an RPM meter or to measure the pump speed directly from the mud pump with an SPM meter. Our RPM Rotary Speed Indicator System accurately measure rotary speed measurements, which allows the drillier to maximize drill speed more efficiently. Crown’s  SPM Meter provides easily readable pump speed, which a mud gauge can’t provide. The benefit of having a SPM (pump speed indicator) is that it measures pump speed and indicates when there may pump speed or down hole trouble, just at a glance. Crown’s RPM & SPM Meters are produced with high quality materials, and you can count on this system’s durability, ease of installation, and maintenance.

Features of RPM & SPM Meters:

  • 5″ meter
  • Bracket
  • 3-conductor cable with electric disconnects
  • Generator with base
  • Pulley
  • V-belt
  • Box or panel mount styles

Specify Your Order:

  • Capacity of Meter
  • Type of Meter
  • Type of Generator
  • Length of Cable
  • Style of Meter

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RPM SPM Tachometer Generator Systems

RPM SPM Tachometer Generator Systems