16 Inch Hydraulic Weight Indicator Replacement Gasket

16 Inch Weight Indicator Gasket

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Replacement gasket for 16" weight indicator gauge for driller's console.

SKU: CG201

Crown’s weight indicators are  built tough to withstand the harshest conditions in the industry. Our complete line of weight indicators are constructed of the highest quality materials, especially the gaskets that hold the indicator glass in place.  Our 16 inch weight indicator gaskets  seal in clear gauge fluid and hold the gauge glass in place. Our fluid filled gauges provide accurate measurement because the fluid in them reduces shock and rig vibrations.  Service to our indicators is needed when the gauge glass is cracked and clear fluid leaks.  At this time replacing the 16 in ch weight indicator gasket is recommended, since an old gasket may not provide a strong seal. When it’s time to service your weight indicator, be sure to have an extra 16 inch weight indicator gasket, clear fluid, and an extra glass handy.

Replacement Gasket for 16