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How Does An Electronic Pump Stroke Counter Work

Electronic Pump Stroke Counters are a vital part to any drilling rig operation. When a mud pump is in operation, the driller must know how much mud is flowing down hole in order to keep the operation running at peak efficiency. Pump stroke counters assist the driller by measuring the mud pump’s strokes per minute and total strokes. So, how does a pump stroke counter tally the mud pump’s strokes, a ...[Read More]

Dealing with Holiday Stress in the Workplace

Holiday Stress in the Workplace   The upcoming holidays are a joyful season, a time filled with family, friends, and happiness. However, the holidays are often stressful for many people and can make dealing with holiday stress in the workplace difficult.  In a recent Consumer Reports survey, 90% of the Americans polled stated that at least one thing causes them stress during the holiday seaso ...[Read More]

Watch Your Step! Avoid Slipping, Tripping and Falling

Watch Your Step! Avoid Slipping, Tripping and Falling Did you know that slipping, tripping and falling in the workplace often occur performing the most simple of tasks, like walking or climbing a ladder? According to the US Department of Labor, one of the most frequently reported injuries are from slipping, trips, or falls. Seventeen percent of those reported result in disabling, occupational inju ...[Read More]

How to Wear a Hard Hat

Are You Wearing Your Hard Hat the Right Way? A hard hat may be a pain to wear for many of you, but we have to wear them in hazardous workplace environments.  Yes, you may think it’s too hot to wear or that it’s a nuisance because it feels like it’s about to fall off, but it’s a very necessary part of your protective equipment. After all, righands wear them, toolpushers wear them, technicians wear ...[Read More]

Heat Illness Symptoms and Prevention

Is It Hot Out There? Or, Is it Just Me?   For us in South Louisiana, it’s the height of summer. And, with that comes high temperatures, high humidity and the potential for heat illness. To keep you safe in the heat of summer, here’s a list of heat illness symptoms and prevention tips.  What is Heat Illness? The body will normally cool itself by sweating. During the summertime or in work condi ...[Read More]

Hydraulic Hose Safety Tips

Hydraulic Hose Safety Tips Hydraulic hoses are designed not to leak, but unfortunately, with normal wear and tear, they might. The best what to prevent a leak is with regular inspections and maintenance. So how do you keep yourself safe around hydraulic hoses? Read more to discover how to keep yourself safe when using hydraulic hoses.         Why Use Hydraulic Hoses to Measure ...[Read More]

Box Mount or Panel Mount Pressure Gauge — Which Is Right for You?

Box Mount or Panel Mount Pressure Gauge — Which Is Right for You? Crown gauges come in two configurations, box mount or panel mount.  Each one has its benefits to produce the most accurate pressure readings for your application.  But knowing which is best for your application and/or which one you are currently using is very important for several reasons. What’s the Difference? Box Moun ...[Read More]

Four Steps to Routine Pump Pressure System Inspection

Four Steps to Routine Pump Pressure System Inspection Crown Pump Pressure Systems are built to provide years of trouble-free service with little to no maintenance.  A schedule for routine pump pressure inspections will ensure that these work horses of the industry provide the most accurate readings with minimum downtime.  It is recommended, that maintenance personnel establish and follow a regular ...[Read More]

How to Recharge a Pump Pressure System

How to Recharge a Pump Pressure System Crown Pressure Systems require very little maintenance, and the systems are accurate  +/- 2%. Each system consists of a 6″ gauge (CG602-CG603 Series) , gauge protector (gauge saver, 1:1 piston separator, 4:1 debooster), and hydraulic hose.  All  Crown systems are pre-charged with fluid and ready to use, and all the operator needs to do is install the sy ...[Read More]

What Is a Wireline/Slickline Weight Indicator?

What is a Wireline/Slickline Weight Indicator?   A slickline weight indicator, also known as a wireline weight indicator,  performs a vital function in all wireline/slickline operations.  In order for a well workover, intervention, or completion operation to run smoothly, the operator uses a slickline weight indicator gauge to monitor the tension on the line during the entire operation from s ...[Read More]