Automatic Drillers

Automatic Drillers / Satellite Automatic DrillerCrown Auto Driller

Our satellite automatic drillers have shown to be the most reliable auto driller on the market today. They are a state-of-the-art drilling technology that is capable of automatically maintaining the proper weight on a bit. The technology works by sensing the deadline tension and (automatically) correcting the weight on the bit. Our automatic drillers have also proven to reduce driller fatigue.


Features of Automatic Drillers:

    • High speed and low speed gear units available for different rates of penetration
    • Hydraulically activated doghouse control unit that measures weight from the rig’s weight indicator or deadline anchor sensor


Automatic Drillers

Crown Oilfield Instrumentation’s Auto-Driller components include:

  • Deadline tension sensor
  • Controller assembly
  • Air motor
  • Two Speed differential gear assembly
  • Drum rotation sensor
  • Flex shaft


Satellite Automatic DrillersBenefits of Automatic Drillers:

  • Automatic driller has been made to withstand harsh environments
  • Reduced Driller fatigue
  • Unit is operated pneumatically using rig air pressure
  • High-low speed gear unit for added user control in any drilling condition
  • Easily adjustable and user-friendly


autodrill drum sensor

Specify Your Order:

  • Make and model draw works.
  • Rated depth of rig.
  • Distance between sensor and high-low speed gear unit
  • Make and model of weight indicator

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