Quality, American Made Drilling Instrumentation.


For immediate 24-hour service, call (337) 898-3790, toll-free (877) 908-3790, or email us at: Service@DrillingInstruments.com

Sales - Crown Oilfield Instrumentation manufactures a full line of oilfield instrumentation products including gauges, weight indicators, load cells, recorders, and more.

Repair & Refurbishment - Crown Oilfield Instrumentation provides expert, in-house repair for most types of oilfield instrumentation.  Crown also offers industry-leading customer service to all of our clients, and strive to maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Instrument Calibration & Certification - Crown Oilfield Instrumentation offers in-house calibration service with the latest digital test equipment. We also use our own Ametek dead weight testing system. We maintain current calibration certificates on all our measurement equipment, directly traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST). We also issue calibration certificates for every gauge we build or repair.

Rentals - Crown Oilfield Instrumentation can provide rental instrumentation on a weekly or monthly basis within the United States.

Field Services  - Crown Oilfield Instrumentation offers in-field technical troubleshooting & repair with highly skilled technicians. Whether it is a land, offshore, or international project, Crown field personnel are available 24 Hours A Day / 365 Days A Year.

Custom Dial Printing - Crown Oilfield Instrumentation can personalize your equipment purchases. We can offer custom printed gauge dials that feature your company's name, logo, or other information.

Technical Documentation - Crown Oilfield Instrumentation has installation and technical manuals on all products manufactured or rented. Obtaining a manual is as simple as contacting us.

Instrument Consoles - Crown Oilfield Instrumentation designs and builds custom Drilling Consoles that can be made to the specific requirements of your drilling environment.