Automatic Drillers

Automatic Drillers / Satellite Automatic Driller

Our satellite automatic drillers have shown to be the most reliable auto driller on the market today. They are a state-of-the-art drilling technology that is capable of automatically maintaining the proper weight on a bit. The technology works by sensing the deadline tension and (automatically) correcting the weight on the bit. Our automatic drillers have also proven to reduce driller fatigue.Crown Autodriller


Features of Automatic Drillers:

    • High speed and low speed gear units available for different rates of penetration
    • Hydraulically activated doghouse control unit that measures weight from the rig’s weight indicator or deadline anchor sensor


Automatic Drillers

Crown Oilfield Instrumentation’s Auto-Driller components include:

  • Deadline tension sensor
  • Controller assembly
  • Air motor
  • Two Speed differential gear assembly
  • Drum rotation sensor
  • Flex shaft


Satellite Automatic DrillersBenefits of Automatic Drillers:

  • Automatic driller has been made to withstand harsh environments
  • Reduced Driller fatigue
  • Unit is operated pneumatically using rig air pressure
  • High-low speed gear unit for added user control in any drilling condition
  • Easily adjustable and user-friendly


autodrill drum sensor

Specify Your Order:

  • Make and model draw works.
  • Rated depth of rig.
  • Distance between sensor and high-low speed gear unit
  • Make and model of weight indicator

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